2 thoughts on “[OTHERS TWITTER] 120426 Chị của Jaejoong tweet về anh ấy

  1. I’ve been following this luaiwst since SKKS that’s when I was introduced to LSJ-yoochun I’m one of those who have the LSJ syndrome found out about their situation, and from then on I continually following the case I’ve never bought any idol stuff, cd, books or whatever they are selling but for the first time in my life I just bought the music essay just for the essence to show my support for JYJ, and whatever help I could do. And for that I would like to thank this admin to continuously providing us the latest news and event that involves JYJ. I hope just in-case you decide to privatize this blog you wouldn’t forget to invite me to it. My day wouldn’t be complete without reading JYJ’s news. Because I just notice that hope for jyj wordpress is close from public and you can only view it by invitation. And I hope that you’ll be able to get news from them and share it here in the blog. Or better yet can I be invited to?Anyway, thanks for sharing this to us international fans.Now I’m off to the jyj files

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